Provide easy booking process and easily managed dashboard

Multiple Search Option

Ease Dispatch provide multiple option to search address, postcode or any popular places like airport/hotel/ cruise/stations etc, by default integration with third party API.

  • Google Place Search API
  • PCAPredict Address lookup API(Postcode-anywhere API)
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Taxi Dispatch System features

Distance Based Fare Calculation

Yes, Ease Dispatch calculate fare based on Miles/KM. When customer enter pick-up and drop-off Ease Dispatch calculate distance and based on distance system generate Fare.

  • Easy Miles Management
  • Fare setting based on miles
  • Different fare setting for each vehicle
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Taxi Dispatch System fare calculation

Different Vehicle Available

Using Ease Dispatch, you can add unlimited vehicle in the system with limit of no. of passenger, no. of check-in luggage and hand luggage.

  • Add No. of Vehicles
  • Easily managed no. of luggage and passengers
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Auto Taxi Dispatch System

Hot Locations

Ease Dispatch allows you to define hot locations, which will be listed first in result, also you can setup pick-up and drop-off extra charges if available for any location.

  • List airport/hotels/cruise, bus & railway stations
  • Add pick-up & drop-off extra charge for any location
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GPS Traking Dispatch

Multiple Payment Options

You have multiple payment options with Ease Dispatch. Customer can pay Cash to driver or pay online by Card/PayPal account.

  • Pay by Cash, Pay by PayPal and Pay by Card option available
  • Active/De-active payment gateway from dashboard
  • Add extra processing fee for each transaction
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Taxi Dispatch System with gps tracking functions

Export Reports

Ease Dispatch provide many reports. You can export report for bookings, users, drivers and also you can generate report as per your requirement by month, week or year.

  • Booking list for week/month/year
  • User list for week/month/year
  • Driver list for week/month/year
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Taxi Booking Website
Taxi Mobile App development like UBER

Coming Soon...

We're working very hard to publish our mobile application, just you have to wait for some time, App is on the way...